Cambridgeshire Invisible Illness Support

Welcome to Cambridgeshire Invisible Illness Support (CIIS). We are a support group for people with invisible illnesses in Cambridgeshire. This group was set up to help support people who are living with invisible illnesses, as well as their carers/relatives and friends.

What is an Invisible Illness?

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At CIIS we believe that no-one should feel alone. Even with the rarest conditions, illnesses and disabilities, there is likely to be someone out there who either has the same condition, or experiences similar things to you.

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We strongly believe that no-one should feel alone, and this group is a great platform to find others who are feeling the way you do. We host regularly meet up events across Cambridgeshire, as well as an active presence on Social Media.

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I normally have a hard trouble making friends , due to my health , with all the people I’ve met at ciis no one has ever judged me , I’ve made some fantastic friends but not only do we meet up regularly, we can also chat on Facebook . Best of all no matter what conditions we have its good to feel we belong and can be ourselves.

Louise, Mildenhall

CIIS is one of the best things about living in the Cambridgeshire area. The friends and support network I have made are invaluable…

Jennifer, Red Lodge

Having an invisible illness means feeling isolated and lost in a sea of frightening and misunderstood symptoms. CIIS has given me friends, understanding and most importantly acceptance. My attitude to my illness has changed for the better, giving me confidence to cope with my condition, and a great set of friends along the way!

Sally, Isleham