In order to keep CIIS going, we need to generate funds. For each group, we need to cover outgoings. For each exercise class, we need to pay for venues and teachers. We have ongoing costs to keep up the website. Plus all aspects of running CIIS involve time which is being donated for free.

Some examples of fundraising so far have been:

  • Tombolas at local fetes, community events and schools
  • Collecting donations of items and selling them on at Cash for Clothing companies or auctioning items
  • Hosting a coffee morning
  • Pitching at Ely Soup and winning the funds on the door for CIIS
  • Applying for local grants and funding

Ways you can help:

  • Attend any of our events, they are free, but any donations towards running costs would be gratefully appreciated
  • Volunteer – you can volunteer to transport isolated people to events, be on our committee, help run an event or offer any skill you may have which may help with the running of CIIS
  • Donate items!
    We are looking for any prizes suitable for a raffle or tombola.
    We are also looking for any second hand items to sell on. This list includes any form of clothing (women’s, men’s and childrens), shoes, jewellery, handbags, accessories, towels, bedding, curtains, bric a brac, toys, CDs and DVDs. These items can be collected or arranged to be dropped off at a convenient venue
  • Complete a sponsored event! Not all sponsored events have to involve strenuous exercise, although if you have someone willing, why not!
  • You could also consider hosting a coffee morning for us, a bake sale, a sponsored task, get sponsored to give up something, or try something new!
  • You can also raise money through work or a club you attend, arrange a social event where the profits go to CIIS, a bingo night, film night, We also have some CIIS collection tins which can be kept at any venue to collect spare change. Every penny helps!
  • Any other fundraising ideas are most welcome

Ely Soup

The Chicken Shed

Ely Aquafest

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I normally have a hard trouble making friends , due to my health , with all the people I’ve met at ciis no one has ever judged me , I’ve made some fantastic friends but not only do we meet up regularly, we can also chat on Facebook . Best of all no matter what conditions we have its good to feel we belong and can be ourselves.

Louise, Mildenhall

CIIS is one of the best things about living in the Cambridgeshire area. The friends and support network I have made are invaluable…

Jennifer, Red Lodge